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                 THE STORY BEHIND THE LOGO

  At the beginning of the year I pitched the idea for my blog at a local PR firm to seek brand guidance and for help launching what would eventually come to fruition as this blog. One of their most important recommendations was to come up with a brand name and logo that represented  myself and the message I wanted to convey. It came to me while randomly brainstorming one day- "I want my logo to be similar to my birthday representation symbol from the book The Secret Language of Birthdays' book!". The flowers with the watering can are specifically for September 13th. Every birthday in the book has one, and they are all pretty spot on! I felt this image was a beautiful representation of my message, and the symbolism couldn't be any more on point. 

  The first time I saw my symbol, I laughed at the accuracy. The "day of passionate care" could not depict my life's general theme any better.  Not just in one category either- I'm talking physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am the very one to have a hair mask and face mask on while whitening my teeth in the bedroom doing yoga, reading a book about manifesting while my meal prep for the week is in the oven. I love to take care of things that pertain to bettering myself, all things self care essentially. Even on the behalf of other's. I'm an empath, so I'm just notokay when those around me aren't okay. I feel their pain to my core, and it physically weakens and sickens my body depending on the severity.  I'm convinced God made me an empath because he knew I think about things very logically rather than emotionally. What can I say? The man wanted me to be able to feel at least something. Just kidding, I really do feel my feelings quite often. I cry almost everyday, (or tear up I should say), but not because I'm sad! I cry when i'm overwhelmed with joy. Life is just so unbelievably beautiful, and it overwhelms me with gratitude that I am able to use this platform to better myself and others!.​ I am just so grateful for a stellar mind- body connection.  

  Ukiyo is the Japanese term that I live by. It basically means living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life. I am so far removed from your typical first world problems.  This is why I enjoy talking to people, and blogging. I offer a very unique outside-of-the-box perspective on things. So that is what the Bloomie girl symbolizes, taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually so that your brain can bloom! The flowers come out of her head because I want people to realize our souls are so much bigger than the bodies that house them. Someone can feel your soul from across the world, but may not be able to physically feel your body. She symbolizes that what you see and feed in your mind becomes your reality. I will be doing merchandise with my brand sometime in the future. For now check out the link I listed if you would like to shop The Secret Language of Birthdays. 





BB's logo was designed by my dear friend and tattoo artist Kate. She is the owner of The Ghost Kat. Kate has given me a few of my favorite tattoos! I love how meticulous and detailed her line work is, so I knew she would design my brand's logo perfectly! Pictured above are two of the five tattoos she's given me. The butterfly I got on my 22nd Birthday that happened to fall on Friday the 13th. I felt like I went through one of my first spiritual awakenings between 21-22, so the butterfly symbolized growth and maturity to me. I wanted  "Love yourself" down my spine to always remind me that although I have scoliosis and it's extremely annoying, I still need to adore and appreciate every flaw about myself because that's what makes me, me! Kate truly brings your vision to life. Check her out for yourself!


I have this "Daydreamer" art print by Liz Sepe on Society 6 framed in my kitchen next to where I make my matcha, coffee, and tea. That's the perfect place for it in my mind since that's where my mind typically does all of it's daydreaming. Shop this print and many others below!

Yoga at Home


Hi friends, i'm Carlie Noel! Click here to read a little about me, and how the idea to create this blog to fruition. 

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