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May your style always match your soul! For life is far too short to dress anything less than fabulous, read anything that doesn't invigorate your spirit, or eat anything that makes you feel bad! If you dress every day like life is a party life will then start to feel like a party! It's that simple. The illusion you create in your head becomes your reality, so let's make it a colorful one! Speaking of color, I have a wide array of books linked that I have read and love that will help you to "Eat Pretty" and be colorful. There are accessories, travel essentials, skincare I swear by, meditation tools, pet goodies, the best makeup, and so much more linked below as well. You can even purchase copies of my self-care book that doubles as a journal "Becoming Bloomie Brained: Your Guide To Self-Care" to support your mental health. Follow me on the app to shop all of my favorite looks, and to find similar ones! 

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