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Cannabis Candles and Cool Encounters

Updated: May 6, 2021

HM Remedies was launched August of 2020 by my dear friend Hunter! He was determined to get this dream of his started because he knows where the industry is headed, and fast. CBD is the fastest growing product on the market right now. The pandemic was just merely a bump in the road to him when it came to launching his business, and he obviously chose to drive around the bump and keep pursuing his passion! A plant with purpose goes a long way.

Hunter and I met in D.C. last February at a ramen bar where I was actually working on bringing dreams of my own to fruition. I was sitting at the bar by myself, enjoying my savory noodles while jotting blog ideas down on my notepad. He was sitting right next to me with a friend of his on the other side. He vented about what he had just been through with something personal, but he was determined to turn over a new page and have an amazing rest of his day! Now that's where I come in. After all, my senior superlative I won back in high school was "Life of the Party". I knew we were meant to meet that day, and this was just another one of the universe's "right place, right time" kinda notions that I simply couldn't ignore, so I started talking to him!

We immediately hit it off. So much so to the point we decided to ditch the ramen bar, and go shopping! Not only was he free spirited, outspoken, and optimistic...he was boujee! My kinda guy right there. He wanted to take me to all of the classy designer stores I didn't have back home. We first went to Gucci, and browsed. After they didn't have the belt he wanted in his size, he told me how he was missing his favorite pair of Burberry shades, so that's where we headed next. I sipped my sparkling Perrier water the handsome French stylist brought me as Hunter browsed the shades with the gorgeous man that I was currently browsing.

Funny enough, he couldn't help but go with the same pair he lost. In my book that's always a risky move in the simple fact of the old ones potentially turning up later. Well what would you know.. he found the ones he lost in the drivers side door as soon as we got back in the car. I felt so bad for him! I knew that had to have hurt his wallet and heart a little. He busted out laughing as he exclaimed "Oh well! The old ones are scratched anyways. Now I have new ones." He exuded so much confidence as he put the new shades on with swagger, and turned the music up to cruise away with hundreds of dollars resting on his nose protecting his eyes. You can already imagine he was feeling himself and not the slightest bit pressed. So why was I pressed initially for him? Probably just a projection of my own financial state at the moment that I then projected on to him.

To think if I had never walked in to that particular ramen bar I would have never met this fierce little free-bird! These are the encounters I live for. I strive to be more like someone who can buy the same pair of Burberry glasses and ride off happy as a clam into the sunset. These types of people aren't worried about money because of their determination. You see, because they naturally expect the money to show up for them to in turn live the lifestyle the so desire.. it does! An angel sent Hunter to me that day, to learn something, and boy did I! I've learned that someone with this much optimism in their heart and soul CAN'T be stopped! He will continue to succeed in life, and through his new business endeavor. I can hardly wait to see all that he continues creating! He has told me there will be new product releases each month, but i'm unsure of what they'll be! That's ok, I enjoy surprises.

I know I know.. enough about the universe and enlightening encounters! You guys want to know more about the candles. Well to start HM Remedies' candles are hand poured using the highest grade soy wax to ensure a longer, and higher fragrance absorption. The wax is then paired with an all hemp wick, resulting in a hotter burn and better release of fragrance. The candles have been infused with all natural terpenes to provide a perfectly balanced aroma and naturally soothing effects.

Terpenes are hyrdcarbons that are responsible for the majority of smells and tastes from plants. In the world of cannabis, they play a huge role in what was coined in 1999 as the "entourage effect." Terpenes are crucial in tailoring the medicinal values of THC or CBD to easily target a more specific illness, disorder, health condition etc.

His products range in fragrance- Lemongrass x Lemon OG gives you a clean uplifting smell. Sea Salt and Lotus Blossom x Maui Wowie is for a more tropical relaxing smell. Aspen Winter x Jack Herer is going to be a more manly scent, with a comforting vibe from the aroma in the air! I personally love things that smell like men! Kind of like walking into an Abercrombie or Hollister smell. They burn for approximately 28 hours! Amazing, and worth every penny. Use my code "BLOOMIE21" at the checkout for 25% off of your order! You will be so happy you did. Just imagine your next Netflix and chill sesh, with yummy CBD candles burning in the background to set the mood.


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