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Constructive Destruction

Sometimes life isn’t fair, and we know that. We have to role with the punches, but sometimes it feels good to punch life back. Of course our souls can feel that there’s a soon to be lesson learned by the bigger picture, but our bodies only see or hear what’s on the surface. We’re thinking with tunnel vision in the heat of the moment, and that’s blinding us to the bigger picture that lies below the surface of the problem.

I don’t believe in raising my voice or getting violent. Just because I don’t believe in it doesn’t mean I haven't been there emotionally. Don’t worry, no God complex over here. As much as I wish I could say i'm not human, and i’m completely and totally above feelings and emotions…I’m obviously not. Far from it! However, I have the proper tools to manage these unpleasant feelings really well.

When a scenario is immensely frustrating, you have two choices. The one that involves showing your ass and matching the energy in the room is physically much easier, but feels far worse internally. Especially when it’s at the expense of someone else’s feelings, or their physical well being. Throwing more fuel in the fire just creates a bigger fire, and someone inevitably always gets burned. The other option requires you to be a duck and simply let it roll right off of your back, but we’re not ducks. We're humans; therefore, it’s emotionally much more complex than letting it roll right off our backs.

So how do we as humans channel our anger in a constructive, therapeutic way one might ask? Well, you’re talking to the queen of constructing intentional destruction, so let me tell ya! The answer is not to internalize, in turn compartmentalizing. This will only result in an even bigger mental explosion further down the road. Let’s get physical, physical…Without getting aggressive or self destructive. I also recommend taking CBD daily as well. This will mix beautifully with these next suggestions I am going to offer you. You can find out more about my CBD under the “CBD” tab listed on the menu bar. You can also click the link i've listed below for a discount on your first purchase!

1. Exercise-

My freshman year of high school, I had what I thought at the time to be my first ever "real breakup". This was when I discovered my endless love for running. I would run for miles and miles, until I physically couldn't focus on anything but the strides and breathing. Where to go. How far to step. To speed up or slow down. Focusing on the inhale and exhale of each breath. Upon returning I would feel a million times better than when I left. My head was cleared, and endorphins were flowing.

Prior to leaving my heart would feel like it was seconds away from exploding right out of my chest, but also caving in and sinking down to my feet at the same time. Being able to run really helped me through so much of the mental wear and tear of the heartache we call “young love”. Exercise was my mental health outlet, my rock, and my drug of choice. I was hooked, and to this day I remain addicted.

As time has passed, I have become much more experienced in the art of exercise. I enjoy a variety of activities including tennis, yoga, swimming, boxing, skating, biking, snowboarding, wake-boarding, dancing, and singing! Each activity works it's own unique set of muscles, in turn leaving you only wanting more. The exhilaration of each sport is

intense, and the internal competition is even more robust.

There are a variety of mental health benefits that exercise can help aid in improving, such as confidence, reduced stress, increased positive thinking, memory improvement, reduced anxiety, and helping fight depression amongst a plethora of many other astounding benefits. When you workout, your body releases “happy chemicals", also known as endorphins. These chemicals are in charge of creating our merriment! Exercise is also one of the best ways to prevent cognitive decline. So get your butt out there, and workout for at least 30 minutes today!

2. Break That Sh*t-

Have you ever been so enraged that a sudden urge to shatter whatever is in plain sight overtakes your entire being? I sure have. Luckily i’m always thinking two steps ahead, in that I would never do this to anything I actually care about. Because I have been able to stop myself in the past, I still have my most prized belongings in the future. You see, the strategic planning in my constructive destruction is key.

In the heat of the moment doesn't mean all of your common sense has to go out of the window. Letting your emotions get the best of you isn't your most flattering look either. Having to say sorry to people after the fact, for the things that you didn't mean to say is no fun. What's even worse is breaking something of sentiment, that you shouldn't have broken. But hey, you live and you learn right? Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes that reason is simply to teach you.

This is why you have to strategically plan what you want to break that way you’re not twice as upset and anxiety ridden in the future. Choose something that relates to the cause, but doesn't hold any meaning. For example if you have a polaroid inside of a picture frame, and you can't stand to see the person in the picture anymore, (or at least not right now) don't burn, rip, or throw away the picture. Do something bigger. Something louder. Something that feeds the fire burning inside of you. Shatter the living shit out of that frame.

Frames can typically be replaced for cheap. Especially if you take advantage of Hobby Lobby's "50% of frames" deal they usually are having. Pictures on the other hand are priceless. They are once in a lifetime moments, captured and immortalized forever. Don't destroy something with meaning just to spite someone. If you're feeling destructive, and in the mood to destroy, be constructive! Destruct something that is easily replaceable, if that's your prerogative.

3. Scream at the Top of Your Lungs-

You’re a ticking time bomb, on the brink of exploding any second now. You’ve already heard the countdown in your head, getting closer and closer to going off. Now's your chance. Grab the closest pillow, get in the nearest car, or sink under a body of water and scream the loudest you can possibly scream! Feel it come from your hearts fire. Release all of that negative sh*t that life has placed upon your shoulders.

Under water has always been my personal favorite. I grew up with a pool in my backyard, so this became a comfy tool to say the least. Utilize this mental health technique for the times that you feel your composure is close to crumbling. When you don’t want anyone to see you act out of character, or even worse... Speak out of character! Go release your toxic waste, and then tune back into life. Kind of like using the bathroom. My favorite part about screaming under water was that nobody ever knew. It existed to me, but didn't exist to anyone else. It was like my little secret.

If you choose to try this the next time you are immensely frustrated or angry, you will notice a shift in your composure. When it's time to take action and be diplomatic about finding a solution to your problem, you will feel level headed. This is how humans should interact with one another, as it is not fair to blame others for how you feel. Don't let the emotional ticking time bomb go off. Splattering everyone in sight with your word vomit, as if they're front row at SeaWorld. Other's will deem you as immature if you can't present yourself respectfully. Especially in a work setting. Fake it 'til you make it, baby! I don't care if you hate your boss so much that you feel it in your bones. Do not, I repeat DO NOT let your feelings get the best of you. Feel your feelings, but don't let them take advantage of you.

I hope this piece has been of help to you, or at least given you additional tools to help you navigate your not so pleasant emotions. I look to these three concepts more often than people think. This is how I remain cool, calm, and collected about 95% of the time. One thing i'd like to leave you guys with after reading this is a little food for thought. Think about all of the scenarios in your life brought about by anger, in turn only making things worse because you spoke out of that anger. You let your feelings take advantage of you. Was it really about what you said, or was it how you said it? Nine times out of ten it's your approach. Was your approach gentle and concerned, or harsh and abrasive? Think about this the next time you are upset, and put these tools to good use! Also checkout my CBD page. I have been taking my CBD for two and a half years now, and I have seen significant improvement in my mental health.

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