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Get Off Your Phone, and Get In To Nature for Your Mental Health

My friends and I took a trip to the mountains a few months back to celebrate 2/22/22, one of the most powerful days of the century for manifesting. We love unique dates/angel numbers, but we all also desperately needed a getaway. It was short lived, but sometimes one day is all you really need. We decided for the duration of our stay we would all refrain from our devices and social media. As if we had a choice. The cabin is located in the middle of nowhere and didn’t have wifi. It was incredible to say the least.

To disconnect from social media is one of the most rejuvenating acts of self-care you could possibly gift yourself. It feels like reeling your energy, which has been spread so widely and globally, back into yourself. The constant pressure to look, like, post, and interact can be overwhelming at times. For me, disconnecting recharges my soul.

Have you ever found yourself opening the app because you’re bored, to later find yourself with an exhausted glaze over your eyes because you’ve been glued to the screen for an entire hour? Crap, now you’re late for work. Or maybe you forgot to call the doctor back about that annual appointment, but now they’re closed because you waited too long. Forgot you were baking cookies, and now they’re burnt? Or even worse, forgot to put sunscreen on while scrolling and now you’re the burnt cookie? I've found myself in one of these scenarios a number of times, and I'm sure I will find myself there again. You guys get it, technology is distracting, and by now you probably have heard, it is intentionally designed to distract you. The apps need to keep your attention to survive, so this is where making the conscious effort to remove yourself from the equation is vital for your mental and physical well-being.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media! Well, at times I do. But this doesn’t change how grateful I am to have all that technology has to offer me accessible at the touch of a button. Everything in moderation right? Limiting your time spent on the apps might, surprisingly enough, help you stay off your phone in general far more often. After all, the most time-consuming use of your phone is most likely social media. Mine sure is! Being off your phone means being more present in day-to-day interactions. It also means socializing more in public. This is great for networking and mental health purposes.

I encourage you to get off of your phone soon, and get into nature! Bring a book, guitar, friends, or simply yourself and get connected to your home. Earth is home, and it gives us life. It gives us nourishment, perspective, and experience. When you get your nose out of your phone and look at what is physically in front of you, it is mesmerizing. You will notice things you wouldn’t have noticed if your phone was consuming you. Go on an adventure. Get your head out of the virtual cloud, and get your feet in the grass. Or the ocean, whatever floats your boat.

Photos taken by @alexaroseflows on Instagram


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