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Where to Find Hot Ghouls In Your Area

There are thousands of good-looking ghouls right now who would love to meet goblins, it’s just a matter of finding them. This time of year makes people feel warm and cozy despite the temperature dropping. So why is that? Could it be that humans yearn for warmth during the colder months? Absolutely! We light candles, make soup, and cuddle to horror films/holiday classics. If you don’t have anyone to warm up with as things continue cooling off, there are a few places you can look!

I suggest immersing yourself in three different environments that you enjoy being in most. Maybe you love books, go to a bookstore! If this were one of those how-to’s I’d probably tell you that you also should try and talk to at least three people and strike up conversation, but that’s a little too broad. Or maybe I would suggest that you stay for at least thirty minutes to increase your chances, but that would probably feel too structured or desperate. This encounter should feel natural, never forced.

There is no better feeling then to share a relationship whether romantic, spiritual, or platonic with another human being…wait I mean ghoul! ;)

We are all seeking connection in some form or fashion. Below is a list of activities my sister and I came up with that we thought would be unique ways to meet another person. Two of the bullets listed are how her and I met each of our current partners! Next to each bullet I have added my adored abodes that I frequent around the Wilmington, N.C area. Good ole Wilmywood has been my home for going on the past seven years now. Whew I can’t believe that, but at least you know you can trust me. I hope you enjoy these places as much as I do, and have a spooky Halloween!

  • Coffee Shop- I love Luna Café, Spill Coffee, Casa Blanca, Drift, Cheeky Monkey Coffee, and Grinders Café.

  • Farmers Market- Biggers Market and The Veggie Wagon are my favorite. I go to the Biggers near CB, but the one in Ogden has live music and drinks on the weekend!

  • Record Store- Gravity Records and Record Bar are great!

  • Favorite Restaurant- Oof this is hard, but here it goes: Ceviche’s, Indochine Far East Café, Mariposa Tapas Bar, Nakedfin Poke Bowl, Tidal Creek(Grocery store with a hot bar and café), Loveys(grocery store with hot bar and café), Nakedfin Poke Bowl, The Green House, Sealevel City Vegan Diner, Tower 7/K38, and Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria.

  • Dog Park- There are lots of small dog parks around town, but the biggest that I know of is at Long Leaf Park.

  • Grocery Store- I enjoy meeting people while grocery shopping, and almost always meet pretty cool people at Tidal Creek, Lovey’s, and The Veggie Wagon.

  • Social Gatherings- Halloween or holiday parties are always great!

  • Community Activities- I suggest following @whatsupwilmington on Instagram to keep up with local activities going on around the community.

  • Festivals- Lighthouse Beer and Wine Fest before Halloween is always a good time, and has great food, beverages, and live entertainment!

  • Favorite Artist in Concert- Always a blast. The last I went to was Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco. Plenty of likeminded music heads in a concert atmosphere.

  • Book Store- Barnes is crawling with hotties.

  • Beach- My boyfriend and I met on a cold rainy night, both walking our dogs on the beach. Despite the weather, we sat together for about an hour while we let the pups play. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

  • The Gym- I go to Hotworx, and love meeting new people in my classes.

  • Community Yoga Classes- Yoga Salt is my favorite yoga studio in town. Over summer they were doing classes on the Oceanic pier on Wrightsville Beach. They were INCREDIBLE!

  • Art Class- I am unsure about art classes in the community, so if you know of any please let me know. I’ve always wanted to sign up for an art class.

  • Cooking Class- Same with cooking classes. Give me all of the deets!

  • Wine and Painting Classes- I have heard nothing but superb things about Wine and Design here in town. I have yet to go myself, however. You can also paint at Bottega while enjoying your beverage. Or maybe you’re just in it for the wine. Try Wendy’s House. This adorable pink house with the wine on tap is my favorite!

  • Your Favorite Bars or Breweries- You can never go wrong with a little mild flirting while you get your drank on in your new favorite fall outfit! I love Bottega the art bar, Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Tower 7/K38, and Satellite Bar and Lounge.

  • Charity Events- Charity events usually attract the down to earth giving type. My sister met her boyfriend at a “Roaring Twenties” themed gambling function. There are plenty of amazing events hosted here in town monthly.

  • Work/Networking Functions- Networking events or work functions are great places to mingle because literally the whole point is to meet and connect. I was a member of Port City Young Professionals for a year, and always had a great time at events. I met and have stayed connected to a variety of delightful peeps.

  • Sports League- I enjoy tennis in my area. There are leagues you can sign up for, but I play with friends.

  • Dating Apps- If all else fails and you feel like scrolling from the comfort of your couch, hinge was always my personal favorite.

Art by Camryn Sturtz, IG @cosmiccamcartoons

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Kathy Cummings Sturtz
Kathy Cummings Sturtz
06 de out. de 2022

Love these ideas. Gonna take you up on a couple of them. Your serendipity shows in your writing. Life is good.


Sam Hilsman
Sam Hilsman
05 de out. de 2022

Great art, great writing, and great information :)

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