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Updated: Dec 15, 2021

If you are like me and like to train your brain to become addicted to things that are good and good for you, then matcha might just be your new thing! There are a plethora of benefits matcha has to offer to the mind and body. Here is a picture of an amazing iced matcha latte I ordered at the dreamiest cafe in Los Angeles. I mean, come on! Would you just look at how enticing it looks, with the mint leaf resting lavishly on top? It was absolutely delish! Read below if you'd like to hear more about how my matcha obsession began and has continued to grow over time!

A few gal pals of mine are obsessed with matcha. It was somewhat on my radar after Sophia had me try her matcha flavored Japanese roll up ice cream years ago. Over the next few years, Kierstin spilled her Starbucks iced matcha latte on the floor of my hair studio three different times. The first few times she did it, we’d be doing each other’s hair and it was no sweat. She cleaned it up, and that was that. By the third time I was thinking “Okay either she’s got a serious case of butter fingers, or this means something”. Me and my constant subconscious habit of convincing myself and those around me that absolutely nothing can mean everything. I’ll be darned if that wasn’t foreshadowing at it’s finest you guys. I am obsessed with matcha now- an addict if you will.

I really didn’t fullyAl give it the time of day until I was recently made aware of all of the amazing health benefits by my other friend, Dawn. Benefits ranging from increased energy, combating aging, reducing cancer risks, boosting immunity, improving skin, enhancing memory, reducing cholesterol, aids in weight management, etc.. Do your coffee beans do that? What intrigued me most about matcha was that MCT oil can usually be found in it. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride. They are easily digested, and many health benefits are actually linked to the way our bodies process fats. Here's to hoping the next cheeseburger I eat gets processed as a salad! No but seriously, I really hope you guys decide to give matcha a try for yourselves. Personally, I am not a fan of Starbucks matcha. I prefer to make my own at home with the packets I buy from Trader Joes or any other local grocery store. I mix mine with the recommended amount of water and the oat milk oatmeal cookie flavored creamer by the brand Oat Yeah. Luna Cafe in Wilmington, NC even has blue and purple matcha! If you have any recipes of your own, please write in and share them with me! Don't forget to order a frothing tool if you opt for making your matcha at home! You can shop my exact frother by clicking on the link below. I ordered a blue one, enjoy!

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