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Our Outstanding Time At The Outside Inn!

This quaint little eco cabin is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway just miles outside of Boone, NC. Perfect for your next glamping getaway, or mobile device detox! If you like tiny homes and nature this will be right up your alley. The location was dreamy and filled with euphoria. Perfect for alone time with your partner, a few friends, or even yourself!

I think for me, my favorite part of our stay was the seclusive atmosphere and outdoor shower! The view from our bedroom was breathtaking, and the bed felt like a purple cotton candy cloud. I don't know about you guys, but I am really into a treehouse/cottage moment. Maybe it's because i'm a Virgo, and we love an earthy vibe, who knows. Regardless it was a relaxing and rejuvenating little getaway.

There are hiking trails nearby, and we were only about twenty minutes outside of Boone! Our host Meredith was friendly and extremely responsive. We felt right at home on her cozy, nature- filled property. Grandfather mountain was one of the bigger hikes we embarked on. It was amazing! I highly recommend if you're wanting a longer more challenging nature trail. I believe we hiked this one for about five hours.

If you're in dire need of a mountain getaway, definitely consider the Mayapple Loft on the parkway. You will be so glad that you did! I already can't wait to go back, and hopefully stay a little longer. However, a day and a half was still just enough time to enjoy all of the beauty this little gem of a stay has to offer. You can book your stay through the Airbnb link below! I hope you enjoy as much as we did!


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