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The Cozy Heron Glamping Experience

So, you’re familiar with camping, but are you familiar with glamping? Glamping is simply camping glamorously because it combines the experience of camping with luxurious amenities. Glamping allows people to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of camping without sacrificing modern conveniences and comforts.

My family and I glamped in wagons alongside the Cape Fear River after returning from our river tubing excursion. This was an absolute blast, and I have been itching to write this blog and share it with you all. We only stayed one night after tubing, and honestly, I was sad we didn’t stay another if that tells you how much I loved these wagons and the experience!

We rented three wagons, and in each one, you will find a king-size bed, bunk beds, AC/heat, mini fridge, microwave, Keurig coffee pot, and complimentary s'mores packets. There was Wi-Fi, but I didn’t use it as I wasn’t on my phone much and when I was my service was great.

The bathhouse looked to be recently renovated and I loved the marble in the showers along with the variety of natural body wash, shampoo, etc. There are two bathhouse units, and you will use the key they give you to get in. I liked the privacy of this as I personally can’t stand being in a bathhouse unit with other people. I’m not sure why, but something about the germs and shared space grosses me out. So take it from me a certified germaphobe, these ones were very nice.

There is a restaurant next door, Lost Paddle Pizza that serves beer and wine. They also have a variety of gluten-free and dairy-free options which I was thrilled about since I am unable to eat gluten with my autoimmune illness. My doctors tell me to stay away from dairy as well, but I really don’t like vegan cheese, so I still eat dairy on occasion. I had a gluten-free pizza that was incredible! There was even live music and the service was incredible!

If you are an outdoor enthusiast like me and want to connect with nature in a more comfortable way I 10/10 recommend Cape Fear River Adventure’s River tubing followed by Cozy Heron Glamping. Booking links are below. Enjoy!


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