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The Top 11 Must-Read Books For Your Mental Health

Reading is one of the best ways you can practice the art of self care! Through the pandemic I promised myself that I would read more. I believe we as humans should always strive to expand our worldly knowledge through experience and information. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying,” as I like say. While carving out the time to read a tangible book may be doable to some, it’s simply not practical for most. I get it, you are busy. Between balancing work, life, and trying to maintain a social life... and that is ok! You and everyone else living on planet Earth in today’s day and age, where becoming distracted by technology is more common than not. I have some books I love to physically hold in my hands, so that I can feel and smell the pages. While others I enjoy listening to while I grocery shop, cook, or workout.

Matthew McConaughey’s book is the perfect example of one I would rather listen to. This is because he is actually the narrator of his autobiography, "Greenlights." His voice was almost as incredible as the enlightening words that he spoke as he takes us back, down a timeline of his intriguing experiences based on his journal entries through his younger years. I am convinced Matthew McConaughey is the Dos Equis man, because he is undeniably one of the most interesting men in the world. I believe that writing about his own life not only inspired and continues to inspire others, but serves as a form of self help to Matthew himself. Speaking your truth will always set you free, even if you aren't a hot shot celeb.

We all could benefit and have a plethora of insight to be gained from a single therapy session. Even if you don’t think it’s possible, I ask that you open your mind and begin to explore the possibilities of the glass half full. How could this contribute to your life in a positive aspect? Maybe you don’t like the word "therapy." Hey, I agree with you! It does indeed sound a little formal, and the connotations of the word can generally be negative. So let’s say, "life coaching" instead. Sometimes this life coach isn’t physically in front of us on Zoom per say, or in an office setting. Maybe this life coach has been long gone for decades, but guess what? Their wise words they once spoke aren't gone. They are forever immortalized in the composition of literature. This is why books are an excellent tool to keep on hand. For mental health maintenance, and fine tuning! These authors more often than not are acting the part in each of our lives as life coaches, guiding us in the right direction on a daily basis. Whether they know it, or not.

We can achieve this heightened level of euphoric mental bliss in a variety of ways; talking to someone, reading, journaling, exercising, meditating, etc. Reading someone else’s organic thoughts will help you to shift your perspective by opening your mind and heart. When you resonate with what you read, you realize you are not alone. To feel alone in this world is like screaming for help in a dream, but having no voice. It’s cold, it’s grueling, and can make you feel worthless. You are not worthless, and you are never alone. The biggest creation is life itself, and where does that begin? Life begins in the darkest place of all, the womb. You have already experienced the darkest place you will ever be in life, and you were created. You continued to push forward, and grow. Isn’t that profound? Surely a little food for thought.

For the books I don’t tangibly own, or would prefer to listen to rather than visibly read, I use the app Audible. This is great for long car rides, grocery store excursions, or even while you’re out walking! There are no limitations, and you can listen from anywhere. Listening while traveling is incredible! It gives meaning to your miles, and helps the time pass quicker. You are learning, in turn becoming more intellectually sharp and philosophically equipped.

I have listed these books in three different categories. This way you can better asses which ones will best suit you. They are all incredible books, and have helped me tremendously through life and its many wonders/confusions. The ups, and the downs. Below each book title I have added a direct link for you to purchase the books with the best deals I could find. With all of this being said, please know that it was extremely hard for me to pick only eleven. There are a variety of books I would love to have included in this article, and maybe will have on another list in the future. These particular books are some of the more recent ones I have read, that will have a lasting impression on me for the rest of my life. Happy reading friends! Don't forget to stay Bloomie Brained, which is just another way of saying open minded.

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