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A Poem for Anyone Missing a Loved One Around the Holidays..

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The Holidays Hurt My Heart

The most wonderful time of the year,

Yet my heart aches after my spirits fall;

A beautifully bright time for pain,

Remembering you aren’t apart of it now at all.

The time I would pay to have again;

Then, now, and forever.

As for the time I was so kindly gifted,

Wasted, with no genuine reason or intentional clever.

Please, you must forgive me,

For I was young and I didn’t know.

Nobody warned me,

My cold December heart would yearn for you so.

It’s not always the missing you that does it;

Depth pounds the door of my disheartened chest,

During the silent moments that remind me,

I forgot you ever left to go rest.

They told me Christmas is magnificent where you are,

Angels sing, and you know no despair.

Sadness isn’t welcome,

To a kingdom that doesn’t allow a single frigid glare.

-Carlie Noel Sturtz


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