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Try This Guided Meditation To Attract More Money and Financial Abundance Into Your Life!

I love a good guided meditation, and I always flow with my soul and listen to what my heart and mind may need. Whether that be a guided meditation for stress, better sleep, heightened creativity, or even money.

The weather where I live is absolutely incredible this week, so I wanted to meditate outside immersed in nature. Upon feeling sick, unproductive, and low energy these past few days I knew a guided money manifestation meditation would suit my needs perfectly as I think when we as humans feel bad we can easily lose sight of all we're working on because our main priority is feeling better again.

Here is the guided meditation I found on YouTube that I felt was so amazing that it simply had to be shared! I think in this economy many of us can benefit from listening to this right now. And why not, right? I mean come on, it's free! You have nothing to lose, so I hope that you enjoy it! If you can listen outdoors I 10/10 recommend this for the visualizations she walks you through.

Xo, Bloomie Brained..


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