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Finding the Feng Shui Command Position in Your Home

If home is sweet home, shouldn’t the vibes be sweet too? As an extroverted introvert, I spend a lot of time in my own living space relaxing, and recharging my social battery. It’s crucial I fill my home with good positive energy for my own mental and physical well being. I achieve this by practicing the Chinese art of feng shui. This is the belief that when you arrange things harmoniously within a building and within the rooms of the building, this practice can affect aspects of your life such as how happy and successful you are.

The goal of feng shui is to invite positive chi into your home so that your life feels both bright, and balanced. Overall, it is a pretty simple way to improve the vibes of your space. You want to feel inspired by your space, in turn attracting more of what you want in life. One of my biggest fears in life is routine. It's just so predictable.. makes my skin crawl. I love structure, but really hate routine. I find that staying consistent with my feng shui as I navigate through the many seasons of life constantly reels in the new exciting energy that I love and crave.

You’re going to want to start by checking out your commanding positions. This is one of the most important principles of feng shui. The command position of a room places you in the perfect spot to handle whatever life throws your way. When you are in the command position of a room, you can see the door. Funny enough, before I ever even knew about practicing the art of feng shui, I would prefer to see the door anytime I went out to eat. Some call it OCD, I simply call it divine placement.

The commanding position isn’t about controlling others, but the narrative of your own life per say. This is going to be the spot furthest from the door and not in direct line with it. Usually located diagonally from there door, and facing it. The command position is considered the dominant position of the room, where you intend to spend most of your time. Your bed, desk, and stove are crucial parts of your house, as each represent a different part of you. The bed stands for you as a whole. This is where you sleep, dream, and recharge your body. The desk represents your career and endeavors. This is where you put in work, and daydream. By daydream I mean manifest! The stove represents your wealth and nourishment. The food we prepare gives us the energy to take on life!

In order to find the perfect feng shui command position you must also have good backing. Let’s say you have a window directly behind your bed, and you deem the command position as perfect. It may seem that way, but it is still weak. You need to create strong backing behind your back! Not only will you have a view of what’s going on at all times, you will also have strong feng shui backing/ protective energy behind your back guarding you.

Once you fully grasp how it feels to be in a feng shui command position with good backing, you will automatically look for it in every setting. Not only in your home or work space! You will be able to organically choose the best spots to keep your energy strong no matter where you are! Ask yourself today, do you feel aligned in each of your positions? Are the vibes right? If not, now is your time to begin practicing the Chinese art of feng shui! It's all about balancing the energy.

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