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Lions, Tigers, and Mental Health Monsters, Oh My!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

A mental health monster is someone who, simply put, tries to throw a banana peel in your life lane. They'll spin your wheels in circles and grind your gears to shit if you let them! I personally can't stand when I'm cruising along at a sweet 65mph, vibing to Fleetwood Mac with the wind whistling through my hair, the sun kissing my freckly nose and somebody has the audacity to speed recklessly past me going 90mph tossing their dirty banana peel in my smooth life lane! What they don't know is there's trouble up ahead when you're going through life that quickly and carelessly. But what if there isn't? What if you never worried about them, their banana peel, or their or reckless driving ever again? Let them simply be a passing thought, and you won't become overwhelmingly justified in your anger. Learn from them, but first let's learn how to identify them.

1) The Frenemy- The ones that want to keep you close enough to live vicariously through you, but aren't always playing on your team. They typically don't want you to advance too far past them. What they don't understand is that we are all different people with different life paths. Get that through your head, different people with different paths that sometimes happen to cross. A real friend knows that no matter how far the distance is between the two of you, your souls will always be connected. A real friend would never discourage you from amazing opportunities, unless there was a genuine concern for your well being! Even if they were a little jealous because at the end of the day, we are only human, right? They would encourage you endlessly, and even admit to being a little jealous! A real friend can be vulnerable.

2) Tiny Minded Toms- The "I'll believe it when I see it" ones. With an attitude like that, there will never be anything for you to see, Tom! Rule number one of manifestation is believing and envisioning it before you can ever physically see it with your own two eyes. Don't get caught up worrying about what they think. Be mindful of who you share your goals with before they're accomplished. Being around like-minded individuals who also exert high vibrations is key. Nothing against any Toms out there, though. Ironically enough when I think of the name Tom I think about a friend of mine that is actually one of the biggest dreamers I know! In his 20's alone, he has managed to become one of the top real estate investors in the area. He drives some of the most polished, exotic, foreign sports cars. The kind you see in movies but very seldom in real life, unless you reside in a bigger city. I LOVE sports cars so these are the accomplishments I love to see. The kind that feed you hope! Extremely successful people also started with only a vision in their minds too. Remember that. Sooooo with that being said, let's try and stay away from the tiny minded Toms so we can be around and inspired by the dreamer Toms!

3) The Revenge Seekers- The ones who most likely are authority figures now. You know, teachers, coaches, cops, etc. Obviously not all of them, but we've all been bullied by at least one. Maybe someone like you bullied them in school, and now they're the teacher. Maybe someone like you made the football team when they didn't, so they cut you for more players that remind them of themselves. Maybe the cop wants to give you a hard time because you remind him of himself at a young age and he cares, or you remind him of someone who once bullied him. You just never know, but what you do know is how you want to be treated. I'm not saying every person that is mean to you ever is a mental health monster. What i'm saying is if how someone is speaking to you is uncalled for and the issue could've been resolved in a more peaceful manner, then stick to your guns. You are your biggest advocate for yourself. Don't match their energy, ignore it or seek help. Humans are still humans no matter the age difference or status in society. I say "fuck society", I demand to be treated with respect, anything less is simply unacceptable. You set your own standards for how you desire to be treated in this life, so set them high baby! If your energy isn't matched, just remove yourself! Keep it moving.

4) Narcissists- The ones that take advantage of you, but it wasn't reallllllly a big deal, and if it was a big deal then it's not their fault, and if it was in fact their fault then you made them do it! They do no wrong in their own eyes because they simply can't handle the ferocious reality of accepting responsibility for their own conscious actions. The second I sense extreme self motivation in my aura, I remove myself completely. Especially the older I get. It's just not worth it. These are the type to throw you under the bus when there's trouble in paradise, and keep right on going. As far as you concern them....oh wait, you don't.

picture by- @Veryrealfantasy_ on Instagram

5) Yourself- The main one, you! You are your own worst enemy in most scenarios. The illusion you create in your head does in fact become your reality, whether you believe it or not. On average you have between 30 and 90 thousand thoughts a day. I like to say I have about 95 thousand a day, and that is why I've had to finally pull the trigger on this blog! These thoughts could not keep living in my head! They got evicted, sis! I'm going to be honest, not all of my thoughts are bright merry little thoughts. Some are very deep, dark, and morbid. They make me sad, and what's even worse is that it feels like me is coming for what? I'm the queen of hurting my own damn feelings. Seriously, what is even the point? It's like mental self inflicted harm. If you can't love yourself, do you think you're going to have an easy time going out into this world and finding people that will? Gosh, I'd hope so but it never seems to work out quite like that. So the next time you feel a self-sabotaging wave coming toward land try catching it before it breaks. The first negative thought to enter your head space, recognize it, tell it that it and it's millions of others stories it plans on telling you aren't welcome in your head space. You didn't buy no damn flight down any emotional rabbit holes. We're not about that life anymore, we save our travel points for Jamaica, honey. I've actually gotten a little extreme with this exercise recently, but it's been working! The second a thought of self doubt comes in with a wrecking ball, I literally say, even yell out loud sometimes- "If there are any negative spirits or energies around me right now, go ahead and leave. I am God's child, and he tells me I do not have to fear. You are not welcome in my headspace, and don't ever come back." I know this seems extreme, but I'm telling you guys.. it works. Obviously, apply it to who or whatever you believe in. It feels like an instant mental release. Taking my CBD helps with my anxiety and negative thoughts tremendously. You can head over to my CBD page if you would like more info on that.

I hope that this blog provides you with clear boundaries and high expectations moving forward in life about how you should be treated! Now that the five different types of mental health monsters have been identified, you should have a much easier time recognizing them. Your life is your destiny and you don't have to do anything or be around anyone that makes you anything less than happy! Even if you do, just remember what I said above- Don't match their energy!


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