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"Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.."

What if at the end of your life, as you passed through, you got to watch a highlight reel of all of the opportunities and chances that were in your pathway, but you chose to drive around? You chose the easy solution that maybe didn’t cost you time or money. Maybe you took the smooth road instead of the bumpy road less traveled because you feared the unknown. You weren’t interested in what was down that road.

“That road was scary, creator! Please, you have to understand where I am coming from. After all… you created it.” The Creator replies with, “Oh I hear you loud and clear little Jimmy, but did the signs I kept sending down mean nothing to you?” Little Jimmy in complete and utter awe replies, “but I thought those were just coincidences! You irony!”. The Creator shaking his head now.. “No, little Jimmy. Not like irony. I didn’t create irony. I created reason and truth. Coincidences don’t exist. Irony is just an interpretation humans who have consciously weakened their own pineal gland have instilled on other humans. Your pineal gland helps to shift your perception so that you can see reality beyond the shadows in a nonlinear way, little Jimmy. Basically it connects the physical Newtonian world of matter to the energy.” Little Jimmy then began to reflect on all of the times he confused a synchronicity for irony.

An example of a synchronicity is when you’re reading a text and the sentence you just read is the lyric that played on the radio at the exact same time. These are the universe’s or the Creator’s messages to us. This basically affirms that you are in complete alignment with your desires! Right place right time kinda vibe. Wouldn’t you rather have known than to have had forever held your peace? Doing anything in this life without intention is a waste of time. Fearing the unknown is a waste of energy. Energy you are feeding to the fear. Ever wonder why you feel so energy depleted when your’e stressed? That’s because you are feeding far too much of it to something that only brings you worry and anxiety.

What even is fear? The false scenarios you create in your head as a form of self-sabotage? Fear sounds pretty whack if you ask me. Screw fear. If you decided to take the road less traveled, what’s the worst that could happen? You were thinking that you could fail right? That’s exactly the point! You would fail, but wait.. Isn’t that what you were already assuming when you were talking yourself out of taking the bumpy road in the first place? Interesting. So, option A says you continue on the path you’re already on, and you forever get to live with the “what if”. Option B says you take a detour on your life path, and you either succeed or you fail. If you succeed, the two life paths will merge together, working synergistically and continuing to guide you. If you fail, you put it in reverse Terry, and abort that mission! You failed, and that was the very worst that could happen. Now you know, and you can get back on your original life path and carry on. The experience shaped you into a new and improved version of yourself. You grew and learned more about the person you're becoming. You should strive everyday to discover more things that make you who you are! We don’t have forever on this planet, so make it count.


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