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The Ultimate Birthday Gift-Guide For Your Cancer Friends & Family

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Many of us either know a Cancer, love a Cancer, or maybe you are a Cancer. Regardless of the relationship, most of us can agree that Cancers are big lovers! These sentimental caretakers value home and family above all else. Their element being water puts them in touch with their emotions, and they are fine with this as they typically wear their hearts on their sleeves and believe in expressing emotion.

Water signs experience the world through their vast sea of emotions. Being that they are guided by their gut instincts, Caners are highly intuitive individuals who almost always know if something doesn’t feel right. They are usually creative individuals who need creative outlets such as painting, writing, or simply reading.

A one-word mantra for Cancers should be “open.” Cancers often need to remind themselves to stay open as they try and avoid risks at all costs, but they will never experience the many wonders this life has to offer from inside of a hermit’s shell. Pun intended, so don’t go too crabby on me here. 😉

With the name of my blog being Bloomie Brained as a reminder to my audience and myself to always stay open minded in turn expanding your knowledge and worldliness; I have created a gift guide for Cancers that will encourage them to stay open and step outside of their comfort zones with a few gifts your fellow Cancers will adore!

Bloomie Brained was furthermore created as a brand to encourage and remind people that self-care is not selfish, it’s actually quite vital to our mental health and well-being. Cancers know better than anyone how it feels to have poured into someone else’s cup nurturing them, only to find their own cup empty. So, I will also suggest a few products that are self-care based to make sure these cancers are fully equipped to recharging their social batteries in the comfort of their own romanticized homes. Enjoy!

The Power of a Great Book

Two books that have changed my life for the better and I think my Cancer friends would especially enjoy are ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ by Mark Manson and ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and It’s All Small Stuff’ by Richard Carlson. These are two of my favorite books, and I honestly recommend them to everyone, but for the guide these are a must.

These two books will not only help them to live in the present moment, removed from the opinions of others, but they will also help your Cancer step outside of their comfort zone and take chances in life! Because at the end of the day who wants to get to the end of their life and use the words “I wonder” when you could be using “I know”?

The Power of Self-Care

If you know a Cancer that adores self-care or simply needs to refill their own cup so they can go back to nurturing others, then I’ve got two incredible products for you.

The Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Aromatic Bath & Body Oil and serum body cream. You cannot go wrong with either of these yummy products. Your Cancer will not only feel relaxed, but luxurious in their home. It’s a win-win for them and they're now buttery soft skin!

So, your Cancer isn’t a mermaid, they’re a crab. If you ask me that’s close enough! Your Cancer will be obsessed with the Mermaid body scrub from Anthropologie. The scrub will leave their skin feeling soft, silky, and sweet. You can thank me later.

The Power of the Kitchen

Let’s face it, these Cancers love their home space. Existing in the kitchen can be immensely calming while simultaneously tapping into a creative flow. Here are a few products that will be sure to put a smile across any Cancer’s face!

Vital Protein’s collagen creamer in the mocha or coconut flavor. This product is made with coconut milk, so not to worry if your Cancer is dairy free like myself. Ten grams of collagen per serving will help enhance your skin, hair, and nails naturally in addition to helping aid in joint support.

I can’t get enough of this yummy supplement! I add it to coffee, matcha, tea, protein smoothies, and pancakes. Sometimes in the evening I will heat up coconut milk and just add a scoop or two to the heated milk as a little night cap.

The aesthetic Jylin Nut Bowl will look gorgeous in your Cancer’s kitchen and they will feel good about eating out of glass rather than plastic!

The Power of Creativity

The polaroid zip has been one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received to this day. It’s impractical to constantly carry around a polaroid or film camera, but what does your Cancer friend probably always carry? If you guessed a phone, ding ding ding we have a winner!

This polaroid zip will allow your friend to print out any photo from their phone on the go by simply connecting to Bluetooth need. No film needed! Print moments that have already been captured, add a cute filter if you so desire, connect, print, and boom. Just like that your phone photo becomes a polaroid photo.

The Jenny Lemons DIY Fake Cake includes everything your Cancer will need to build a fake cake from start to finish. And let me tell you guys, they’re friggin adorable! This cake is an incredible introduction to cake decorating which will have your Cancers creative juices flowing like crazy getting lost in the moment of simplistic fun. Once completed they can use their cake as home décor, a photoshoot prop, or as a gift! If they have small children, this can be a fun activity to do with their kids. I am an adult without kids, and I would absolutely still want one of these.

I hope you enjoyed the article and your Cancer enjoys the gifts! Cheers to Cancer season. Stay tuned for Leo, and Virgo coming up.

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