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Where Should I Stay When Traveling to Tulum, Mexico?

Greetings from Tulum, Mexico! If you’re looking to slip into a Mexicoma in the New Year then you should undeniably check this Airbnb out. I stayed here for my twenty-fifth birthday and my time here was an absolute fucking dream. Excuse my French, but I cannot reiterate enough how incredible this gem of a stay was! Between the location, amenities, and hosts I 10/10 recommend staying here.

The neighborhood is La Valeta which is towards the southwest end of town. I’m really not into the whole resort thing. I mean maybe if it were my honeymoon or something, but I love being thrown right into the culture, so Airbnb’s suit my travel style best.

Our house was a quick walk or bike ride away from a variety of unique cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. There is a stand across the street from the Airbnb stay that offers moped rentals so we ended up renting those the majority of the time we were there.

However, I do not recommend this if you’ve never driven one before. Sure, they may sound underwhelming but I promise you do not want your first ever experience on one to be cruising around Mexican highways.

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie when it comes to motorsports, so the thrill did excite me although there were between 3-5 different times, I was almost in what could have been a fatal accident. The scary part is that none of them except for maybe one would have been my fault, and that’s where it gets intimidating. The simple fact that potentially your fate and life may be in someone else’s hands. So that is why I really don’t recommend this unless you’re completely comfortable.

The best part about this Airbnb is that you have your own private plunge pool surrounded by palms, only a few steps away from your boho beachy room. It made me feel safe knowing that we had 24/7 security on the gated property. There is also free WIFI and you’re welcome to use their bikes at your leisure. The host Roberto and his co-host Yuls were unbelievable hosts and extremely responsive with any questions or concerns we had during the duration of our stay.

If you are in need of an affordable getaway I highly recommend staying here. You can totally justify the stay when some of the best most authentic food you will ever have here is less than $5 a meal! Insane. That is also why I love traveling out of the United States and immersing myself in other cultures. Enjoy, and if you have any questions please feel free to write to me at😊

Here is the link to my stay!


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