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Lemonade Labels

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade right? Or do you throw the free ones away, head to Whole Foods, and buy a bottle of lavishly packaged organic lemonade there? The free lemons you really could’ve gotten to know a little better, before writing them off completely. Maybe they were organic too. Were they state fair sweet, or were they sour? Were they firm, or did they give a little when you squeezed? Did the citrusy juices mist across the room when you sliced to cut them in half? It’s hard to tell now, because you went with store-bought instead of what was naturally given to you. All you know is what the label on the lemonade's packaging reads.

Humans we encounter also have labels on their packaging. Our labels are usually listed on our social networking platforms for others to read what ingredients we’re composed of. The ingredients are the characteristics about ourselves we feel comfortable enough to disclose with anyone interested in looking. We keep the ingredients we don't want others to read to ourselves. "Who’s glancing at my label, and who's buying?" is what you have to ask yourself. Obviously no one can buy you, but you get what I mean. Rocking with your ingredients long-term. In any sense, your boss, boyfriend, etc.. The funny thing is that the more we think we know someone, the less we actually know them. The more we drink the store-bought lemonade we soon come to realize what’s beneath all of the intricate labeling, and pretty packaging. We learn the taste and compare, based upon what we already know thus far in life. Sometimes what you taste is even more delicious then you ever could’ve imagined, and other times the lemons are just bitter.

If humans act as the lemons- coming into our lives naturally, wouldn’t we want to take our time with them? Ya know, get to know them a little bitter, I mean better? Be delicate with them, so that we can appreciate them for all that they are before enjoying their juices? Before navigating the headache of untrusted ingredients? Don’t just buy the lemons before you know the source, as labels aren’t always to be trusted.

Sometimes in life we want the quickest most instantaneous option, that we think we know because we can visibly read the label. The option that maybe wasn’t as complex as juicing each lemon one by one to make a pitcher. As I stated before, the more you know someone the less you know them. The standards you once held that person to suddenly fade away as they show you who they really are, instead of showing you who you want them to be. Their real ingredients. So let me end by saying this; Don’t go to the store, and save yourself the money and trip! Get familiar with the lemons life has naturally gifted you. Each of the lemons that will be filling your pitcher up. But you must be open minded, as they all taste different. When we go looking for something we already have as human beings we find ourselves getting juiced, so learn how to juice your lemons.


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