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Finding a New Hobby This Fall!

One of the best ways to practice self care is by finding yourself a new hobby! Hobbies help you to reduce stress by taking a meaningful break from your normal daily tasks. They allow you to take your mind off of any negative emotions you are feeling and focus on a relaxing, engaging, or character strengthening activity. Most importantly, they help you grow and improve as a person with a cool new skill!

Isn't it funny that our busiest seasons of life are actually the ones that we really need to make the most time for ourselves? Hobbies were something we naturally had more time for when we were younger. As we get older our responsibilities continue to increase. Making it more difficult for us to set aside time for the activities we love doing.

Next time you have a little free time, instead of binging a new series, try engaging in one of the activities listed below. You will certainly be glad that you did! Which one appeals most to you?

  • Exercise

  • Reading

  • Cooking

  • Writing

  • Painting

  • Yoga

  • Photography

  • Self Care

  • Playing an instrument

  • Learning a new language

  • Meditation (You can stream my guided meditation podcasts by clicking the "podcast" tab on the menu bar)

Hobbies of mine come and go! It's fun to try many different things, and the ones that feel the most natural always stick. Trying something at least once is much better than always wondering about it. Recently I have been pouring myself into my skincare routine. I just purchased a microneedling machine, and I have to say.. i'm in love! This machine basically increases your collagen production in the area you desire to use it. Microneedling can treat fine lines, scars, wrinkles, dark spots, etc. Head over to the "shop" tab, and click the "shop" button for the link to my page. This will take you to my page, where you can purchase all of my linked products!

I have been learning the bass in my band, Good Mourning Dew, for a little over a month now as well. This has been an inspiring and creative outlet for me. I am enjoying the challenge, although it can be immensely frustrating at times. That's the beauty in it though. It is only frustrating during the challenge because you are actively bettering yourself. Things that are worth being proud of typically don't come easily, and thats ok.

I encourage anyone reading this to try a new hobby, and stick with it for at least a month! You won't know if you enjoy something unless you try. If you're an adult this is even more crucial for you. Once you're an adult your parents typically aren't as on top of you about trying new things. It's all up to you. So get out there, and do it! You'll thank me later.

10 great hobbies to try for self growth,, mysmidgeofbalance, April 09, 2021 Microneedling tips, tricks, and demo!


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