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The Best Gift Guide for Your Mental Health: Self-Care Edition

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

As a result of the global pandemic, I believe women and men have become more inspired to take care of their bodies and invest in themselves. Which in turn is really investing in your mental health. Because let’s face it, your mind is like a checkbook, if it’s out of balance many other aspects of your life become unbalanced as well. Investing in your mind and body is a great way to practice self-care! Whether you decide to purchase a good book recommendation or a product you won’t want to live without after using, you really can’t go wrong.

I decided to create this gift-guide in honor of my twenty-fifth birthday coming up on September 13th, 2022, but I will be updating it long after my birthday comes and goes. So make sure to check back every now and again for new exciting finds! You guys know my Virgo heart is all about some good self-care finds. Like to Know It is an incredible shopping platform/app for anyone that hasn’t used it yet. It’s basically like the Pinterest of shopping. I was shopping on this app long before I began selling.

I found it easy when it came to birthdays and holidays that my family was able to look at my account on the app where they would then find my wish-list. Score. No more complicated and uncomfortable lists and sending links to people. If they wanted to see what I’ve had my eyes on recently they could simply look me up and find my wish-list. The links are already added, all I was doing was going through and hearting things I wanted which then added them to that list. Easy.

All the products I have linked, I will discuss how they will benefit you; but really anything that allows you time to focus on yourself is time well spent. In this fast-paced world we don’t get enough time with ourselves. These new activities/products I will introduce you to will most likely become a habitual ritual for unwinding. You won’t want to skip a single day! I never do.

1. The Ice Roller Has Entered the Group Chat..

Ice ice baby is correct, and you guys…it feels FUCKING AMAZING! I first heard about ice rolling in Lauryn Evarts Bosstick’s book , “Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun” which you should also purchase, and I will tell you why after my ice roller spiel.

Ice rolling energizes and tightens your skin, which gives you natural contouring! I’m not kidding, I seriously feel years younger when I look in the mirror after and even during ice rolling.

According to Lauryn, it will prime your face for makeup, shrink your pores, and freeze your wrinkles. This little tool really is the shit. Puffy eyes or face after a night of drinking? Not a problem, your ice rollers got you sis.

So, Ice rolling at home is basically a DIY cryotherapy session with yourself. It’s incredible, and I am so happy that I found my ice roller which is linked here. This one is perfect because it stays cold for hours and covers large areas of my face at once so I barely have to roll much. I also roll on my neck and chest.

I am also so grateful I came across this INCREDIBLE book! This is where I found out about ice rolling amongst many new techniques and tools that have now become habitual for me. I like that Lauryn has gathered an abundance of information from the top beauty influencers, health and wellness coaches, doctors, dermatologists, and beauty brand owners and compiled it all into one book. This makes it easy to source a plethora of information about your skin (nbd, only your largest organ) in one sitting. You can even find recipes in here that promote optimal skin health. I cannot recommend this book enough, and I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t already changed my life in the short time, I’ve had it!

2. OSEA Malibu Skincare Products

When I first used the OSEA line I was shooketh to say the least! The vegan, cruelty free, and California made line believes in a simple idea that the ocean should be apart of everyone’s daily life, and I couldn’t agree more. They use different species of seaweed in their formulas because it’s a superfood, rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The benefits of seaweed are endless.

There were two major reasons I was completely taken aback by this skincare line. One being how it smelled. Legit oceanic heaven in a bottle. I could eat this stuff, or maybe try and climb in the bottle and live there forever. That is how bad you guys I want anything and everything to do with how these products smell.

The second reason being how the line made my skin feel. I’ve never used a skincare line that felt or smelled this amazing. As a skincare junkie, I’ve used a variety of products in my almost twenty five years on this planet, but I never knew skincare could feel this good. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to one product from this line, and you will thank me later. I will list a few of my favorites below.

The Ocean Cleanser-

Wake up your skin and senses with the Ocean Cleanser according to OSEA, and I can vouch for this one thousand percent. It literally felt like I could breathe better after using this cleanser, the smells were invigorating. My skin and mood glowed, feeling radiant for hours following my use.

The Ocean Cleansing Mudd-

Clarify and reduce oil shine with this seaweed infused cleanser. I have naturally oily skin, so when I use this one I feel it penetrate deep clearing everything out. Which makes sense because it is formulated with tea tree and peppermint to purge the pores of all impurities. This will minimize oils without stripping the skin, perfect for acne prone skin as well! Your skin is bound to be tingly and dewy in the best way post use.

Sea Minerals Mist/ Sea Vitamin Boost-

Tone time! The OSEA has two toners; The Sea Mineral Mist helps is ideal for plumping hydration, while the Sea Vitamin Boost is best for flooding the skin with dewy moisture for anti-aging benefits. The cooling and refreshing properties are sure to help balance the PH of your face prior to moisturizing.

Hyaluronic Sea Serum-

This is my favorite serum and it also happens to be a bestseller for the company! Of course formulated with seaweed, but also surprisingly snow mushrooms. Sounds interesting right? These powerful ingredients act to keep your skin hydrated all day or night long, while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has been reformulated recently which has helped upgrade the formula that I already thought was incredible if that tells you anything. I will also link a few other serums below from their brand that I believe work amazingly as well, but are targeted for specific concerns.

Dayglow Face Oil-

Glow all day with this seaweed infused face oil! Each drop leaving your skin smooth and supple for a dewy glazed glow. Perfect for gliding your gua sha along to on the skin to really help achieve that nice glide while working the facial muscles out. In turn you will achieve lymphatic drainage! Make sure to glide up and outwards. Work down the sides of the neck after to really help the drainage move down. Don’t be surprised if a little cough attack comes on, this means it’s working. I will link my gua sha I use below. Rose quartz helps enhance positivity and boosts confidence, so that is why I opt for rose quartz although the jade green gua sha is my favorite color.

Seabiotic Water Cream-

Another award winner! This weightless water cream delivers 72 plus hours of deep hydration to thirsty skin exposed to pollution and blue light. Who isn’t exposed to blue light these days? I think everyone can benefit from this moisturizer! The clinical and consumer results on the website are intriguing to read as well. Check it out below!

Red Algae Mask-

Allow this seaweed mask to detox your skin while minimizing the appearance of pores! The formula features red clay which draws out impurities, you will feel it tingling on your skin. Have a spa night in, and treat yourself to this red algae mask!

Atmosphere Protection Cream-

Help your skin face the day with this protection cream! Everyday lightweight hydration, and barrier protection for skin exposed to environmental pollutants. With a silky finish, this cream is ideal under your makeup or sunscreen.

Blemish Balm-

Let this award winning cream clarify your skin while balancing your oil production. This one pairs well with the Ocean Cleansing Mudd linked above to really combat against any impurities in the skin with synergistic ingredients such as seaweed, tea tree, juniper, and thyme. Together these ingredients clarify and calm the skin while helping balance the hydration simultaneously. Sign me up, sis.

3. A Good Read

Reading is one of the best ways you can practice the art of self care! Through the pandemic I promised myself that I would read more. I believe we as humans should always strive to expand our worldly knowledge through experience and information. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying,” as I like say. While carving out the time to read a tangible book may be doable to some, it’s simply not practical for most. I get it, you are busy. Between balancing work, life, and trying to maintain a social life... and that is ok! You and everyone else living on planet Earth in today’s day and age, where becoming distracted by technology is more common than not. I have some books I love to physically hold in my hands, so that I can feel and smell the pages. While others I enjoy listening to on Audible while I grocery shop, cook, or workout.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Sacred Contracts

The Mastery of Love

Stay tuned, this gift guide will be updated frequently!

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Sam Hilsman
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