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The Russell Boutique Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Nashville is full of adventure and surprises, so staying at The Russell made it that much more magical! This boutique hotel is actually a renovated former church, and has some of the most peaceful and inspiring energy once inside! If you are a coffee addicted creative like my boyfriend and I, this is undeniably the place for you. Before heading out to explore, make sure you stop at the coffee station in the lobby. The roasts were heavenly, pun intended! They also have an assorted variety of tea. The coffee and bar area to sit are located right near the podcast/ music recording studio room. This room is also available to guests! With the Russell being just footsteps away from live music, local thrifting, and yummy food, your stay is sure to be fabulous.

This intricate little place is far from your ordinary hotel experience. We loved the intimacy of walking in, and it being just the two of us. This makes it feel more like home! The staff was super responsive with any questions we had regarding our visit, even though they weren’t physically there. It was a breath of fresh air meeting a few of the likeminded individuals around the hotel as well! This city sure does attract some pretty cool characters.

We met a hip married couple all the way from Palm Springs, CA that were there to visit the new home they just purchased. The wife shared some of her music with us, and interestingly enough she has music all over that is popular! Including the hit television show “Pretty Little Liars”. The energy and vibes were all so on point at the Russell. My boyfriend and I are extremely spiritual, so we left this lobby encounter feeling immensely inspired. We then ran back upstairs to our room, and worked on a little diddy of our own! Had it not of been so late we would’ve gone down to the studio to record, but the beds were far too comfy to even think about moving!

We kindly hope that you will consider The Russell Boutique Hotel, for your next stay in Nashville, Tennessee! From the groovy color scheme, to all of the modern amenities, and vintage architecture... this place takes the cake! We can hardly wait until our next visit! To book a room click on the link below, and this will take you directly to their website. Enjoy, and safe travels!


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