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Your Social Media Experience

Living in the present day and age of social media, social networking, and social dating we can either crumble to bits by the unconscious pressure we instill upon ourselves to be perfect, or we can rise above and persevere. We can use these social platforms as tools to help shape us into the individuals we desire to become. Our highest selves. It all starts with awareness. Awareness in yourself, and what you see from others. Ponder how it makes you feel as you absorb the material, but remember not to blame others for how you feel.

Life isn’t about being perfect. Life is about learning and growing. If you’re not growing you’re dying, as I like to say! Technically speaking we’re all dying, but when you’re learning it feels much more like living. Am I right? Change through growth can feel scary, or unsurmountable at times. That's why it's good to strive to grow by a measly one percent each day. That is easily attainable, and although it feels like nothing in the moment, overtime the percent grows as you do. Setting the intention to learn from what you see on social platforms rather than being bothered by it, or taking it personally is a good start.

Your social experience is personalized to you. You may not always know what you're going to get or what emotions will come about, but I can promise you that the ball is entirely in your court. Instead of feeling bad about your social media experience, try writing down what you’ve learned afterwords! Yup, you heard me. I know it sounds weird, but normal is boring and this truly works. This is your life, your dream, your vision. So make it what you want it to be.

Are you inspired by what you saw, or are you pissed off? Write it down. All of it. Learn from what you see. Learn to grow from it. Sometimes I will see something that motivates the hell out of me to get my butt money-moving and shaking, and other times not so much. There are times where I disliked what I saw so much so to the point it drives me to go ghost for a few weeks, and delete the apps off of my phone. Detaching from the world of illusion is healthy. Or the "Maya," as it is referred to as by the ancient Toltecs. You can plug back in whenever you are ready! Maybe you choose to hop back in when you are feeling inspired to create again.

Whether you choose to stay on or go off, just be mindful and intentional. Social media is what you make it, so choose to see the good. Remove yourself from the negative, as this is vital to your emotional and physical well being. Be optimistic and open to growth from the unknown and uncomfortable. Don't feel ashamed of the feelings the world of illusion may bring about, as they are all valid to the dream you are presently living. Today I wrote that social media inspired me to write this article. Yesterday I wrote that social media made me feel self conscious about my hormonal acne. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but I am open and receptive to growth. How did scrolling through social media leave you feeling today? What will you write?


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